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Ceramic coating for wheels

Top Wheel Ceramic Coating Benefits

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At Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing, we are dedicated to utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge equipment to achieve outstanding outcomes for ceramic coating on wheels. We take immense pride in establishing a flawless connection between the ceramic coating and your wheels’ surfaces, ensuring optimal protection and an astonishing visual appeal.

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Today Anthony wash and detailing my Toyota 2020 and make look brand new !! Outstanding service ❤ Thank you! See you soon. I'm really recommending the company.

    Brendaliz D
    Brendaliz D

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    I was very impressed with the results. Anthony did an awesome job detailing and waxing my Porsche Macan. I recommend his service for your auto detailing needs!


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      Just got my tow truck washed by them price was more then fair considering the job that he did the guy was very thorough and took pride in his work I highly recommend!!

        Roberto M
        Roberto M

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        Great service. Good quality cleaning. A lot of dog hair removed at my leisure. Thank you.

          Nathan S
          Nathan S

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          How Ceramic Coating for Wheels works?

          Our ceramic coating process begins with a meticulous cleaning and decontamination of your wheels to ensure a pristine surface. 

          Next, our skilled technicians carefully apply the ceramic coating using specialized techniques, allowing it to bond with the wheel’s surface at a molecular level. This ensures maximum adhesion and longevity. 

          Finally, the coated wheels are cured using advanced curing methods, resulting in a strong protective layer that enhances the overall appearance and durability of your wheels.

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          For faster response, please contact us on our social media or give us a call! We promise we will make it worth your time. 

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          Yes, ceramic coating offers superior durability, longevity, and protection compared to traditional wheel wax.

          While ceramic coating provides some protection against curb rash, it cannot completely prevent it. We recommend exercising caution while parking and avoiding contact with curbs.

          Ceramic coating reduces the adhesion of brake dust, making it easier to clean and minimizing the buildup. However, regular cleaning is still necessary to maintain optimal appearance.

          Yes, our ceramic coating services are suitable for a wide range of wheel materials, including alloy, steel, and custom wheels.

          Yes, ceramic coating can be applied to various wheel finishes, including painted and chrome wheels. The coating provides a protective layer over the surface, enhancing their durability and appearance.

          Our ceramic coatings for wheels are designed to provide long-lasting protection and can last up to X years with proper maintenance.

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