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Premium Car Ceramic Coating for Unbeatable Protection

Car Ceramic Coating Benefits

Sedan Cadillac in Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing

Why Choose Us

At Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing, we excel in car ceramic coating. Our advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment ensure exceptional results. Experience optimal protection and stunning visual appeal for your vehicle. Trust us to deliver long-lasting defense against scratches, UV rays, and contaminants. Transform your car with Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing.

How Ceramic Car Coating Works?

  • Surface Preparation: Clean and prepare the car’s surface.
  • Application: Apply the ceramic coating using specialized tools.
  • Chemical Bonding: The coating chemically bonds with the paint surface.
  • Protection: Protects against UV rays, oxidation, and contaminants.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: Creates a water-repellent effect.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Provides a glossy finish.
  • Durability: Offers long-lasting protection.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Reduces the need for frequent cleaning and waxing.
  • Preserves Paintwork: Guards against scratches and fading.
Porsche car ceramic coating in Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing



One Step Polish

$500+/Starting Price

This package includes a high-quality ceramic coating that provides excellent protection for your car’s paintwork for up to 2 years.

It is a cost-effective option for those who want to protect their car’s appearance and maintain its value.

ceramic coating tampa in imperium tampa mobile detailing


One Step Paint Correction

$950+/Starting Price

This package includes a premium ceramic coating that provides enhanced protection and durability for up to 3 years.

 It is an excellent option for those who want long-lasting protection and a flawless finish for their vehicle.

ceramic coating tampa in imperium tampa mobile detailing

$1400+/Starting Price

Three Step Paint Correction


This service is the most comprehensive option for restoring your car’s appearance. Our technicians use a combination of polishing compounds and specialized equipment to remove all imperfections from the surface, leaving your car with a flawless finish.

ceramic coating tampa in imperium tampa mobile detailing

100% Customers

At Imperium Tampa Mobile Detailing, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is more than just a promise – it’s a commitment to our customers. 

We believe that our customers deserve the best, and we’re dedicated to providing it. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to experience our guarantee for yourself.


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Today Anthony wash and detailing my Toyota 2020 and make look brand new !! Outstanding service ❤ Thank you! See you soon. I'm really recommending the company.

    Brendaliz D
    Brendaliz D

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    I was very impressed with the results. Anthony did an awesome job detailing and waxing my Porsche Macan. I recommend his service for your auto detailing needs!


      Google Review

      Just got my tow truck washed by them price was more then fair considering the job that he did the guy was very thorough and took pride in his work I highly recommend!!

        Roberto M
        Roberto M

        Google Review

        Great service. Good quality cleaning. A lot of dog hair removed at my leisure. Thank you.

          Nathan S
          Nathan S

          Google Review

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          Ex: 2015 Audi A4
          Your response is very much appreciated.


          Car ceramic coating is a liquid polymer coating applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle to provide protection and enhance its appearance. It forms a durable, transparent layer that bonds with the paint.

          The longevity of car ceramic coating can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, environmental conditions, and quality of the coating. However, it can typically last for 1-2 years or even longer with proper care.

          Ceramic coating provides longer-lasting protection than waxing. While waxing provides a protective layer for a few months, ceramic coating can provide protection for up to 4 years. Ceramic coating also provides a smoother, glossier finish than waxing, enhancing the appearance of your car.

          Yes, ceramic coating is worth the investment for many car owners. It offers long-term protection against various elements, reduces the need for frequent detailing, and helps preserve the value of your vehicle.

          Ceramic coating provides a protective barrier that helps guard against minor scratches and swirl marks. However, it is not completely scratch-proof and cannot prevent deep scratches or accidents.

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