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Car Seats & Carpets Shampoo Tampa Service

Let Us Do The Hard Work While You Relax

Lots of people may assume that their vehicle is cleaned after they wash their cars and a simple vacuum. Trust us, it’s not fully cleaned yet. Let’s be honest, your seats and carpet go through a lot for our us. Over time your carpet and seats collect hidden dirt, spills, and gunk that may not come out so easily.

We promise you, you will be amazed at our before & after difference of your interior when we are done! We can remove those stains on your carpet or seats on the same day!

Why You Should Get Your Carpet & Seats Shampooed?

  • Super cleans your interior

    A simple vacuum is not enough. Our shampoo cleaning service will brighten and make your interior look new. Our service will thoroughly deep clean and remove the stains from all angles.

  • Removes smell/odor

    We thoroughly deep clean your interior with shampoo or hot water extraction. Our service will make sure that your car will smell fresh & clean. Your carpets and seats will no longer have that ash odor if you smoke.

  • Remove Old Stains

    We will try our best to remove those old stains on your carpets & seats. You will be surprised at our before and after difference when we are done!


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